Transfer assets to Astar Network

i)If you only need a little ASTR for gas fees, you can claim free ASTR on the Astar Official Discord — shibuya faucet — enter order: /drip astar 0xmetamask address

ii)Transfer ASTR

*ASTR is needed for transactions to happen on Astar Network, please make sure your Metamask wallet has sufficient ASTR balance before initiating a transaction

Users can get ASTR by also purchasing on which supports ASTR Astar EVM and withdrawing to their Metamask

*Start from step 3 if you want to transfer ASTR from Polkadot.js wallet to Metamask

  1. Open the Astar Portal via ( and choose to connect your Polkadot.js wallet;

  2. Withdraw your ASTR from centralised exchanges to the Polkadot.js native address:

3. After the transaction is successful, click "Transfer" to transfer ASTR from your native address to your Metamask wallet:

iii) Getting DAI, USDT, USDC and BUSD to MetaMask on Astar network

This can be done using Cbridge ( and it’s the recommended bridge to transfer DAI, USDT and USDC from Ethereum Network to Astar Network.

*Considering the high gas fees which might occur on Ethereum, if you are transferring assets(stablecoins) from centralised exchanges to Astar, it’s advisable and cheaper to swap those stablecoins to BUSD on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) before sending them to Astar Network and swapping them back using a DEX.

Multichain/Anyswap ( is recommended to transfer BUSD from BSC to Astar Network.

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