Why my $ORU unlock date keep extending?

To reduce constant selling pressure and protect $0RU investors, $ORU rewards from 4oUSD Farm will have a 28-day (Staring on April 28th) vesting period or up-front claim with a 50% penalty which will be burned.

For example, If you stake 4oUSD to 4oUSD farm to earn $SRS and $ORU on May 1st, then you will be able to claim all the rewards on May 29th. But if during this 28-day lock-up period, you stake some more 4oUSD to 4oUSD, then the unlock date for all $ORU rewards will add another 28-day.

The team has been working on adding another button to only claim the $SRS extra rewards. Thank you for your patience.

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