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Add assets to your Metamask

Add the following assets to your Metamask on Astar Network
Open your Metamask -> Switch to Astar Network(only if you changed to a different network after adding it) -> Add Custom Token -> Enter the following token contracts for any of the tokens you want to add accordingly:
DAI: 0x6De33698e9e9b787e09d3Bd7771ef63557E148bb
USDC: 0x6a2d262D56735DbA19Dd70682B39F6bE9a931D98
USDT: 0x3795C36e7D12A8c252A20C5a7B455f7c57b60283
BUSD: 0x4Bf769b05E832FCdc9053fFFBC78Ca889aCb5E1E