Swap provides functionalities that are used to exchange a token for another regardless if it's a stable coin or a standard crypto token.

Contract info

Contract name: Swap

Contract address

  • 4Pool: 0x417E9d065ee22DFB7CC6C63C403600E27627F333

  • Starlay 4Pool: 0x0fB8C4eB33A30eBb01588e3110968430E3E69D58

  • BAI Metapool: 0xD18aD1e2992Da974b5A8d69377e6aB3b16e30F29

  • JPYC Metapool: 0x3cd1Fa4EeeFdf6c30E66c66A474e8E4dd509f54c

  • WBTC Metapool: 0xD25Cf814EeE54840A08Db8dfAbFE445B1DE37f0f

  • WETH Metapool: 0x2d5Da7c463B3E8f4CF1AF08a1aA0a5DB9BB644F7

  • WBNB Metapool: 0xC9d4f937Fa8e0193b46817a41435a262867ff090

  • oUSD Metapool: 0xD18AbE9bcedeb5A9a65439e604b0BE8db0bdB176

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Write functions


void swap(uint8 tokenIndexFrom, uint8 tokenIndexTo, uint256 dx, uint256 minDy, uint256 deadline);

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