Official website:

Q1 The Beginning

Add basepool for USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD

Technical Research & Validation

Brand design & VI

Litepaper/Pitch deck

Astar incubation project application

Stablecoin swap desktop UI launch

Seed round fundraise

Q2 More Stablecoins

Official Website launch

DApp production launch

$SRS token launch (Non-transferrable)

Add governance using snapshot for SIPs (Sirius Improvement Proposals)

Ve locking and voting functions go live.

DApp mobile version launch

Build the Sirius ecosystem with partners on the Astar chain

Kickoff rewarding program

Early Adopter rewarding program

Dashboard launch (one place to see all rewards)

Documentation publish

Stable Metapools launch. (BAI,oUSD, Starlay, etc).

Crypto Metapools launch. (WBTC, WETH, WBNB, etc).

Fiat-pegged crypto metapools launch (JPYC).

DApp supports i18n. (Multilingual).

Vesting/Claim pages launch.

Q3 Sirius Ecosystem in progress

xcDOT/ASTR/4SRS crypto basepool Tripool launch

lDOT/tDOT/DOT, nASTR/vASTR/ASTR stable pairs launch

Polkadot native Stablecoins basepool launch. (aUSD/BAI/4SRS).

More XCM assets metapools launch. (xcGLMR, etc.)

Admin fee collection for veHolders launch

Multisig for smart contracts

Private fundraise

Protocols optimization

Factory (for creating tripool based metapool) research/development.

Website V2 launch

DApp V2 launch to provide a smoother user experience

DAO launch 8

Permissionless pool creation

Sirius API & SDK publish

Unlock Transfer of $SRS

Public fundraise (IDO)

Potential CEXes listing

Q4 Multichain and DAO

Multichain/crosschain investigation/deployment.

Native bridge on polkadot parachain research.

Make SRS as a XCM based assets crossing parachains on Polkadot.

Smoothly move governance from committee to DAO

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